4x4 & Off-Road Tyres

At Condron Tyres, we are able to offer a full range of 4x4 tyres from all premium brands down to budget brands. Identify your driving needs. Do you drive mainly on asphalt or are you more of an off-road driver? Whatever the application, we have the tyre to suit.

As an independent, authorized stockist of the leading brands, we offer expert advice built on years of experience and knowledge. Our choices are made based on quality, performance, reliability and value.

Come in and see our range for yourself. All sizes and vehicles are catered for.


Get The Best

Condron Tyres is an authorised supplier of BF Goodrich tyres for 4X4 and off-road vehicles. BFGoodrich is an American brand of tyres, separated from the Goodrich company and owned by Michelin, so you know you are getting the best. Some Michelin tires for auto racing are now branded BFGoodrich to increase brand awareness.


Our Tip

If you buy budget tyres then you can expect to buy tyres more often. In wet driving conditions, it can take 13 metres longer to stop on budget tyres from a speed of 120kph over premium brand tyres. Would you take the risk?

Expert Advice and Service

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